Currently in the mix



floral float detail


The illustrations above, I have been doodling around with today and yesterday, the first one is going to be part of an illustration for an exhibition at nucleus gallery, but I am still fiddling around with the details, I think I will put up process images later. Currently it’s a bit soggy outside, and I don’t want to go to the printers in the rain as my print may get damaged. Hopefully later this afternoon I can go visit them. The adventures of Mimi is a project I am working on, hopefully it will turn into a book one day. It follows the adventures of a little black Russian poodle pup. The drawing of the girl in the pond is part of my underwater series, I’m hoping to turn it into a card, or print, lets see. In the mean time if you want to buy Kat Cameron limited edition prints, you can find other similar work in my shop, come and visit.

Now I think I must really do some MissYucki work, it has been a while since I have had time to focus on dear MissYucki.


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