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Come rain or shine

Hi there, woah two posts in one day, can you already tell it’s raining outside! I’m cooped up inside, while the weather cannot make up its mind whether to rain or shine!

wet day out

See rainy!

puddles and potplants

But wait!

afternoon light

Now its sunny!

is that sunlight?


Currently its thundering outside! This weather is just making me fidgety! I cannot concentrate, or focus on anything today! I think I probably just need a nice cup of Chai and a few pencils, a sketchbook, and some comfy place to doodle the rest of the afternoon away. Actually I took the apartment photographs because we are renting out our apartment for July and August. I have some travel plans just around the corner. So anyone want to come and stay in Barcelona. I promise it should get more sunny soon!

monsa sweet illustration

Also a note to say thanks to Eva from Monsa Publishing. I received a copy of Sweet Illustration from the postman yesterday! I gave my other copy away to Milos’ mum… because now I have (almost) 2 moms to make proud! hee. I need to get hold of another copy for my mom! I think I will give her this one.

Anyway it was an absolute pleasure to be included in the book, and through it I made friends with Marie Blanco Hendrickx of Mijn Schatje fame. She drew the pretty cover. Also Adolie Day and Amadine Urruty used my photographs of the book, so it has become a nice way to connect with the other artists. Yay, Thanks Eva, you did a fantastic job on the book! I hope we can work together soon!

see more photos here

One thought on “Come rain or shine

  1. what a pretty little balcony!!!! I love the bachelorette flags! they look so cool, and nice green hammock! xxx

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