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pigeons-and-parrots, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

The sun has been in and out the last few weeks. And unfortunately my mood seems to be attached to it by the hip. This mean that if the sun is shining I’m happy, if not I’m pretty gloomy. It’s been a long winter, and I’m lusting after a proper summer. Today is a little murky, but I don’t mind because I was out and about when the sun was out and here are some pictures to prove it!


I took a bike ride through the city, and a moment to enjoy the sunlight, pigeons and Barcelona’s ever present, ever squawking clouds of green parrots. I love those parrots, they have nests in the palm trees and really give the impression of being on some tropical island. When I first came to Barcelona, they were one of my favourite things and still are.



In other news I am working on printed card series which I think will be pretty fun, I cannot wait to see how they turn out. In the mean time limited editions are available in my etsy shop:

hello goodbye fish



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