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Sunday Afternoon Drive.


When I was little my parents would drag us off for a Sunday Afternoon drive, I used to grouch and groan about it, all I wanted to do was play with my friends or watch cartoons! Funnily enough, my tastes seem to have changed. Just like I used to hate to eat pasta, avocado and eggs, and now I could happily eat all of them, and in the same dish, I really love my Sunday afternoon Drives!

I cannot explain how great it has been to have a car in Barcelona. You might think that it’s silly in a city which you can practically walk end to end in under an hour, but there are so many places to see and explore which are pretty much unreachable by foot or train or bus!


This weekend was no exception. Usually we jump in the car, pick a direction and see where we end up. This way we have been exploring La Floresta, the hills and reserves of the Collserola, the beaches of Garraf, mountains in Olot, and the coves, ruins, and beaches all the way up the Costa Brava.

playa Filipines Barcelona

This time, as we were pulling out of the garage, wondering the direction in which to head on a gloomy Sunday with a few hours to kill, we remembered that the Barcelona Metropolitan had mentioned a wetland reserve just besides the airport. Funnily enough on our last trip, when we flew to Strasbourg, as we were taking off, I noticed all the little roads to the sea that seemed quite deserted, and it seems what I saw from above is indeed the Remolar-Filipines reserve. So this is where we headed. First we drove directly to the beach, and watched the planes take off.

playa Filipines Barcelona

After we wandered around for a bit, we drove to the Remolar proper, did some impressive parallel parking, and then walked down next to the river to the info kiosk. We rented a pair of binoculars and marched off to see the marshes.


It’s spring time, so it’s the perfect season to see all the migrating waterbirds. They are all in love, stuffing their faces, and making eyes at each other. Waddling ducks wiggle their tales from the reeds, and we saw a pair of Giant grebes doing a fancy dance with each other. having Binoculars was extra fun, I could actually see the birds close up, many of which I don’t know from Africa land.



I don’t have a big heavy telephoto lens for close up birdlet photos, but I did try take some through the binocs, haha, massive fail, but I still quite like the effect!


There were also plenty of baby ducklings, and lots of mama birds perched on nests. It was interesting to watch all the birds with the airport in the background. Aeroplanes took off about every 3 minutes, and you are quite close to them as they roar overhead. I wonder how it affects the birds, and I’m also surprised more birds are not being sucked into the jet engines! But everyone seemed to get along, it was just a bit noisy, which in some ways is good for sneaking up on birds :D



As we walked back to the car we were caught in the ever gloomy weather of Barcelona, predictions are looking good for Monday though, so I’m hoping to enjoy the sun!



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