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The baby owl

blue stripe

A few weekends ago, Milos and I flew to Strasbourg to visit his sister who is completing her masters in translation at the university there. It is a very pretty little town on the border of France and Germany. Lovely canals and rivers wind through the town which is crowded with funny narrow buildings all squished and leaning into one another.

cycle on by

This time we rented bikes and rode out of town and into this fantastic woodland nature reserve. We peddled around enjoying the afternoon light, and gigantic trees. I saw my first red squirrel, which was very exciting. I’ve only ever seen grey ones before. He was scrabbling around, presumably hunting for acorns? As we were leaving, I spotted a furry little baby owl perched rather unceremoniously on a branch, I screeched to a halt to take some photographs of his uber fluffyness! He was ever so sleepy, dozing very uncamouflagedlike on a twig. We spotted his mama doing a much better job hiding from our prying eyes, further back from the road, pressed against a tree trunk. You could barely make her out, it was only baby owl that gave away her presence! I was pretty excited, I’m sure you can tell!

baby owl

In one part of the park, we were treated to some delightful “ear” statues, nestled at the bottom of trees, as if the trees were listening to you. We had a lot of fun whispering into the ears.

window shutter

We also stuffed our faces with all sorts of yummy Alsatian delicacies, and were lucky enough to take a trip to Baden Baden to relax in some Roman baths. it was the first time I have ever been in Germany, and I particularly enjoyed all the spring time flowers bursting out all over the place!

I wasn’t able to take many photographs as my camera is looking really worse for wear, with cracks and the batteries practically falling out… so most of these are from previous trips to Strasbourg… The owl was certainly the highlight!

yay piggies

Of course we were stranded on our way back to Barcelona, by pesky mother nature – Iceland’s unpronounceable volcano was spewing ash all over France. We ended up taking a train through Switzerland to Geneva, and then driving down to Spain, an epic and tiring journey, but I was lucky enough to see some lovely little heidi villages and forests from the train from Basel to Geneva!

I certainly don’t plan on driving that route again for a long while, seeing the same stretch of tarmac 5 times in the last 2 months was a bit much!!!!


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