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Childrens’ Illustration

looking at the photoalbum

These pics are some of the illustrations I have been working on geared towards kids, I wonder how many people think about the work involved in all the childrens books out there? Coming from a Fine art background, I never really considered the paintings, drawings, watercolours, even oils, that can be found brightly covering the pages of books as fine art, but I suppose that’s more a technical term. But seriously, I do wish that some of the artwork found in kids books was given the same attention as Miro or “insert bigshot gallery artist name here”. The work of Shaun Tan comes to mind, his paintings are incredible, filled with depth and meaning, and humorous details that you only discover on a second looking.

I have so many large boots to fill, it can get quite intimidating. There is serious time, effort and skill being put to use to great a great illustrated childrens book, to express someone else’s vision with integrity is no small feat! wish me luck!

girl & cat sleeping

Kingdom of crocodiles

believe me, when i tell you, that getting into this line of work has totally changed my opinion, I can spend hours poring over kids book illustration now, Im not saying I didnt appreciate it when I was a kid, but it was just pictures telling a story, now i can see all the time and effort, and interesting ways the images have been constructed, and the points of view. I think i enjoy kids books more now, than perhaps a real kid! :)

I also just bought a copy of Fables, a great graphic novel series by Bill Willingham. The copy I have is called 1001 nights of Snowfall. It’s a fantastic grown up take on all the fairy stories as narrated by Snow White. It has incredible illustrations by James Jean, Tara McPherson and I was blown away by John Bolton’s work. Do look into it! I will be purchasing more in the near future. I would never have known about the book, except that I follow Joao Ruas´work in Flickr, his illustrations are incredible…

Check out:
Shaun tan
Joao Ruas
James Jean
John Bolton
Tara McPherson
Bill Willingham


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