Kat Cameron Tote Bags

I have just created a Tote Bag for which features a pretty girl encrusted with proteas having a deep conversation with a sugarbird…

“The Flora Kingdom of South Africa’s southern most tip is one of only six floral kingdoms in the world. This unique vegetation is called Fynbos and includes the beautiful protea, and all sorts of other delicate flowers. The Cape Sugarbird is a species restricted to the Cape Fynbos, and really loves to munch on the nectar of the specific flowers in the area. I was born in Cape Town and the landscape and birds of the region influenced this design.”

Click HERE to buy:

All the bags are €19.99 or approx $27.42
Printed on 100% 230gr/m² cotton. W 38cm/15″ x H 38cm/15″. Washable at 80°C without fading. Buy them at by clicking on the images:


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