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St Tropez part two

frolic in the flowers, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

This Photo was taken on the way… spring is out in full boom. hooray! I am so sick of winter! There were a thousand blossoms watching the sun, im sure the pollen has been making milos sick! thank goodness i dont have any allergies…


green bug munch

down to the sea


We went for a Hike in the area, and explored the village of St tropez…


The Easter weekend was typically gloomy, and it was quite difficult to take photographs with the bad light and glare… but it did turn the sea into molten silver… super sparkley


The superyachts all tie up right on the village doorstep, in barcelona its a little difficult to get up close to boats like this, they are all locked away…I especially liked that they had little lights underneath that lit up the water at night, you could watch tiny fish darting through the lightbeams.

underwater lights

tied up


Many of the boats had super silly names, like “Powdermonkey” and “Don’t Touch” !

little cove

big superyacht

st tropez

The trip was short but sweet, i ate so much french food, and it was super delicious, infact it may have been the highlight of the trip ;)

fromage plate

strange birds flock together


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