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St tropez and back

fish view, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

For the Easter Weekend Milos and I were invited to visit some friends who work in St Tropez. We packed our car, and prepared for the 6 or 7 hour trip up through France and to St Tropez. the small village is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and is really quite beautiful, it isnt surprising that it has become a sort of playgroud for people with lots of gold stashed in their mattresses. :)

The town’s name derives from that of an early, semi-legendary martyr named Saint Torpes. His legend states that he was beheaded at Pisa during the reign of Nero, and that his body was placed in a rotten boat with a rooster and a dog. The body landed at the present-day location of the town. gross. anyway thats what wikipedia says, also apparently Bridgit Bardot loved the village, and i saw tons of postcards advocating this fact.

I had planned to wear white and meet george clooney, but sadly my wardrobe is very lacking in white items, and wandering around in little high heels doesnt quite suit. And George Clooney was nowhere to be seen, probably he was hiding on one of the many superyachts tied up at the harbor partying below deck with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Wes Anderson :) Le sigh!

We had to take our fish along for the ride, as we had forgotten to organise someone to look after him, luckily he survived the trip, and now he is a very well travelled goldfish.


We travelled through Marseilles on the way up to the Cote Azur… Its quite an industrial city, which makes me appreciate Barcelona, however i think it may warrant a closer look next time. Also Milos really wants to go and visit the famous fort that inspired Dumas to write “The Count of Monte Cristo” … Milos has a thing for forts and ruins and castles, kinda like my thing for birds… Boy we are geeks!

the bluebird


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