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weekend wonder

bird chart, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Spent the weekend moseying around Barcelona. Milos did not have classes on Saturday, which is pretty unusual so we took the opportunity to take a bike ride down to town.

caixa forum

We stopped in at the Caixa Forum, which is a lovely building in itself, an old modernista textile factory designed by Puig i Cadalfach. Usually the exhibitions held there are pretty good too, and we weren’t disappointed.

A huge photographic installation honouring children around the world is on display in the main foyer and upstairs we found a sala dedicated to Fellini as well as two modern art exhibitions with some interesting pieces. My favourites being a huge molecular sculpture and a really interesting shadow display involving revolving toys and spotlights.

barcelona streets

After that we treated ourselves to mochi icecream and Nepalese snow bud tea at a super cute little teashop in the Jewish quarter in the old city… We were introduced to this little place by a couple of friends, and we just can’t get enough, the chai is AMAZING, and the cozy place makes you want to move in… lots of comfy couches and books, the perfect place to relax with a cuppa.

cat lamp

On Monday we took a drive up to AiguaMolls, to satisfy the birdgeek in me… lots of spring time migrants were quacking and sqawking and really getting into the whole spring vibe….

sleepy duck

tree line

dark water


on the broadwalk

little green frog

Lastly here is some recent illustration.
The first was surely influenced by my yearning for snorkelling :) When I was in Koh Phangan and the Philippines the snorkelling was just super uber fantastic, and my sister is planning a trip to Thailand, so I wrote an email to her with all the details and info from my time spent there, looking at my photos from my months there…well one thing led to another :)

floating over honey coral

and a funny little doodle I did. The story behind this one, is from a trip to the mountains in Serbia. We went for a Spring Hike, and it was beautiful, meadows packed with flowers and berries, but I was pretty scared that a bear was going to eat us, so i kept shouting:

“Stay back Bears! Come Hither Weasels!” Because obviously weasels are way cooler than bears. I found a dead baby weasel :( and luckily no bears ate us, and Im still here to tell the tale….

anyway I was thinking of turning this into a tote bag… with a bear on the other side… hmmm any thoughts people?
come hither weasels


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