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To Switzerland and Chocolate

sunrise start

An early rise before the sun, which came up huge and rosy on the road to Figueres. We saw the last of the crazy snow of 2010 that hit the Med, on the way to the border, large piles scraped to the side of the road, creating icy walls along the highway. I can only imagine the mentalness that would have been that road in the middle of the storm.

crossing the border to france

Crossing the border and quickly through the Pyrenees, drive, drive up through France. Montpellier. Check. Avingnon. Check. Grenoble. Check. On the way through France, Milos ate a bad “le big mac”, mine was great and msg-ey but Milos’s was nasty, and during an EPIC traffic jam, we spent a part of it on the side of the road in gloom, while le big mac was unceremoniously returned to the light of day :( much to the delight of passing French holiday makers who were crawling past at 3 km/ hour. oh dear. Swiss Border. Check.

Arrival in Genevè, found the hotel, collapsed on the bed. Sigh. After a quick recuperation period, i went downstairs and bumped into Mark, the reason for the drive up to Geneva. yay!

later we all went out for some Thai snacks and random beer from all corners of the world, and then slept very well. We woke up the next day and went exploring, trying to find a breakfast somewhere.

Down at the lake, we found the yummiest breakfast brunch ever, at a strange little canteeny place next to the Hamam, where we were treated to large chunks of fresh bread and cheese and jam, as well as a delicious salmon salad with capers, and and, a naked swiss man swimming in the freezing lake!
bird spying on brunch

This little bird wanted to eat some of my breakfast too.

skipping stones geneva
Milos shows the little kids hows it’s done… skipping stones is only for pros kids, watch out!

floating ducks in geneva

The lake was incredibly clear, i couldnt get enough of it. it was like looking into an aquarium.

turkish baths geneva

Can you see the invader, invading the lake in geneva? :)

all in a line

There were bazillions of birds, and as anyone who really knows me, they will know that this made me very happy because I am a bird geek, or at least a bird sucker fool :-)

The really cool thing was that you could see all the ducks diving under the water.

duck splits

This funny duck, is doing duck splits, because its a duck ballerina, infact it has a big show next week and you are all invited! it told me itself!

a few ducks and a swan head

Can you spot the diving ducks?! top leftish!


Say Hello to Mark, he’s our friend from canadia land. we like him, also he works in the government, and probably knows top secret stuff.

pebbly beach

pebble beach geneva

i loved these pebbly beaches, and collected some stones for my fishies at home. Milos says they looked like the beaches in Montenegro that he went to when he was little, now i was to go there. It was too freezy to swim, there were huge pieces of ice lying all over the place, but the water and beaches of geneva really made me want to swim!

fish design

We decided to drive to Lausanne and then all the way around the lake and back to Geneva. So we hoped in the car, put on the music and off we went.

time for a swim?

3 km of snow

Snow ahead maybe?

whats this, roof on your wall?

This house has its roof on the walls too.

green shutters

All the little villages along the way were so cute, we drove down winding alleys and found miniature beaches along the way. It was pure Heidi bliss with the snow capped mountains rolling down into the lake interspersed with pastures and swiss farmhouses.



I found heaps of amazing moss, and collected some to make some terrariums at home. Ill try post some pics of those later. The moss was beautiful, so many different kinds!

little swiss town

We followed the tram lines into Lausanne.


And then continued around the lake, where we were surprised to discover terrace upon terrace filled with growing vineyards.

terraced cliffs down to the lake


This train must have some of the best views in the world :)The day we drove around the lake was quite hazy, making the mountains in the distance gloomy and foggy and almost out of focus. I can only imagine what the view is like on a clear day.

lake lemon

nightmare lake

We crossed into France on the other side of the lake, the afternoon was wearing on, and the light going. You can see Lausanne across the water in the distance.

st gingolph

We stopped at St. Gingolph because it was the first time for Mark to actually be in France… Haha, he has now decided to name his first born Gingolph, poor kid.

After this the drive got quite dark, our gps switched to night mode, and we arrived back in geneva just in time for dinner. We went to some italian place, and I tried some of the geneva wine, influenced by seeing all the terraces. It was ok… although i probably didnt try their finest :) We followed this with more beer in the Hotel and fell asleep watching strange swiss tv.

the next day we said goodbye to Mark and began our drive back to Barcelona. This time we took a little bit of a scenic route through Saint Christoph de Grotte, which is a place i wouldnt mind returning to, to explore. looks like a great camping spot!

somehwere in france

flying high

all in all it was a great trip, but quite a long drive, for only spending one full day in Geneva… but none the less im looking forward to the next one.


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