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A trip to the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Otherwise known as the CCCB, I remember the first time I went there, there was a ginormous Jane Alexander installation in the open air courtyard, of course I was instantly smitten with the museum and honestly it’s probably the best one in Barcelona, closely followed by the Caixa Forum.

Anyway when I popped in there the other day, the works on display by Oleg Dou, Evan Penny and Dionisio Gonzales really caught my eye, and I thought I would share them here with you. Do yourself a favour and try to see the Exhibition. There was so much to see, my poor brain was over exposed to eye candy, and I needed a nap afterwards, but it was well worth it.

How amazing is the work of Dionisio Gonzales Oh man seriously, I want to move into his series “Halong” (2009) I’m not kidding. The photographs were really large so you could get up close and personal with all the little details.

This work blew me away from the end of the hall, as I came around a corner. It’s huge. I love the colours, and the big shiney eyes. Why are big shiney eyes so appealing? Oleg Dou’s work is quite astounding.

When I came across Evan Penny’s relief sculpture my mind did a little leap and for about 2 minutes I couldnt quite tell where the real world ended and “Male Stretch” began. The sculpture itself was incredibly made, all the little hairs in the right places, i wanted to touch it so badly! it was really creepy, but i was fascinated, and couldnt tear myself away for quite some time…

There was such an excellent collection of art, and artists on the show, and you know, I’ve forgotten the name of the exhibition even though I took little geeky notes about all the artists that I saw while I was there, heh. Check out Dana Schutz, Lawrence Lemaoana (who I drank beer with, was it last year? anyway he’s a South African artist, and good buddies with friends of mine)Vanessa Beecroft and Erwin Olaf


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