Sweet Illustration

Sweet illustration, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Hello this is exciting yes indeed. Yesterday I was running a few errands down in town in Barcelona, and I popped into the CCCB, as on thursday nights its free entrance oh yes. I always stop in at their museum shop, there are so many great books and interesting goodies that i lust over and empty my pockets for. I was happily browsing the shelves when I came across Sweet Illustration published by Monsa.

I was flipping through the book admiring all the illustrations, some of them by artists I have been following on the grand intrawebs for some time and others that were refreshingly new, when the layout started to look strangely familiar.

A little thought popped into my head…..wasnt this the book that I had been emailed about last year by Monsa…ho hummm, i continued to page through, and then! on page 135 I found ME! I nearly fell over! yay x 9000 seriously.

Sweet illustration

okok so let me fill you in. last year i was approached by monsa, to be included in a new book they were going to publish on female artists who illustrated cute/ sweet stuff…. I was honoured of course, and happily sent off my work, wondering if anything would actually happen, a couple of weeks later I was sent proofs, and then nothing….

Sweet illustration

So stumbling across the book store was a surprise, as i didn’t even know that it had been published, let alone distributed… Anyway I happily charged it to my credit card and skipped through the exhibition with a big smile plastered all over my head!

Sweet illustration

The book is actually really cool, so many talented freaking amazing illustrators in there, i drool with happiness to be included hehe. It would make a wonderful addition to any fan of girly cute art. Go buy it now! :D


Sweet illustration

Sweet illustrationSweet illustration


4 thoughts on “Sweet Illustration

  1. Kat, I was sent an email from Monsa via flickr today asking if I could send photos and info of my work to them for an upcoming book. So surprised–and initially did not believe it. So great to see it was a good experience for you. Would love to hear more about it.

    • They are great! but yes, it is always good to double check before you send off large image files! :) what book is it, i will also be in a new one they are making at the moment, perhaps we will be book neighbours!

  2. Good for you! Certain it will not be the same Monsa pub. I was contacted for a book titled Hangtags–I design/make clothing and accessories out of remnant vintage upholstery, wool, notions, etc. And yours? Will look for it.

    • Ahh perhaps a different section in the publishing house, they do publish a wide range of books, all of them awesome! Good luck! My book is another illustration one, but its still in process, not sure when it will come out, or the final title, but i will be sure to post about it here, so check back! :)

      Your vintage creations sound really interesting!

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