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Snowfall in Barcelona

snowing in barcelona, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

yes it’s true, and i thought it was finally becoming spring, but no mother nature fooled us, and just to prove a point she sent a whopping thundering snow storm down on barcelona. it snowed HUGe ginormous snowflakes, and lightning lit up the grey clouds. very cool indeed. I love snow, come on mother nature, can’t you make every winter like this in barcelona, what’s with all the rain. If it were up to me it would be either very sunny or very snowy.

barcelona hasnt seen snow like that since the early 80s, almost 30 years, woweee, man alive, all the busses stopped, people threw snowballs in plazas, barcelona was chaos! so many trees were weighed down with the snow that they snapped :( and the skylight in my apartment stairwell did not hold up too well… it cracked, and I’m lucky to be alive, because large chunks of glass kept crashing down the stairs, i was scared to open my door.

today the sun came out and melted everything, so i couldnt stay all warm and snuggled in bed, i had to get up, darn it!

spent the day posting and printing things… yes because i sold the first thing from my new shop, how exciting! i hope it gets to america land in one piece…

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