Painting Videos

Here you can find a collection of videos of me painting or drawing. I would like to make more but I probably need to invest in a new camera and a tripod. Anyway, most of these videos were made using the continuous mode on my old camera, which allowed the user to take as many photos in one go, just by holding the button down. I would then put all the frames in Flash, and ta daa, animation. Since my trusty camera breathed it’s last breath, I haven’t been able to make videos in the same manner.

Most of the videos below are of MissYucki paintings or events.

The first one above is of me painting in Barcelona, when I first moved here. I did a series of 3 African animal paintings with Yucki girls. All of them are now sold or gifted to various friends. The paintings were based on pets you could have in Africa. I remember reading somewhere on the internet how many people thought having a cheetah or lion was a viable pet option in South Africa. Sure maybe for the odd few people who live and work in Game reserves, but in general it’s not an option. In fact in South Africa there are quite strict rules on the kinds of animals you can keep as pets, as the introduction of exotic species into the wild is not good for the local fauna and flora. So it is virtually impossible to find turtles, hedgehogs, ferrets, etc. I always thought it quite funny, and still get some strange questions now about living in South Africa, how little people know about the actual life style. I used to enjoy joking that I was using my internet from a mud hut, and had hippos and giraffes outside my door. The paintings for MissYucki were a tongue in cheek take on perpetuating the idea that Zebras on leashes in the park, and leopards in pet stores were the norm.

The second video is of me painting in Johannesburg. The wall in question is at a very busy intersection and is a sponsored graffiti wall. Set up by a local newspaper, it is one of the few places you are able to legally paint the wall. Every time I came back to Johannesburg, I would make a day or afternoon project painting a MissYucki artwork on the wall. Often I would rope in family or friends to help out. It was always plenty of fun. I ended up interacting with people walking past, and it was always great to hear comments filtered through friends or my sisters about people who had driven past and recognised the paintings and the characters.

The video above was taken at a club in Japan, where I was invited to do a live painting during a band called “The Meganes” set. It was quite hard painting on the sheet of material, and in the dim light, but also heaps of fun! I believe the club still uses the artwork in parties that they hold these days.

Another painting at the same wall in Johannesburg. Different time and different MissYucki characters.

Lost my Luggage over Tokyo Tower from Kat Cameron on Vimeo.

The last video is of a painting I sent to the Sweet Streets II gallery show at Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s of a girl, one of my “little travellers” in flight on the back of a pigeon, over Tokyo tower. The concept for the illustration was fashion based. We were given a selection of street fashion photos from Tokyo and asked to interpret the “sweet streets”. This is the first video of my own personal work, as opposed to MissYucki illustration.


2 thoughts on “Painting Videos

  1. I am sitting in Cape Town and stumbled upon your website. So interesting – love your work. Refreshing and different. I enjoyed the video and your comments about having strange pets in Africa. So true – we lived in London and were asked the same question. Hope you are not missing SA. I am busy working on some illustrations for Christmas crackers – boring in comparison to your work (studied graphic art at Stellenbosch university). Hope you get the message. Mooi bly. Lee

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