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Island view

island view, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Sorting sorting sorting.
Now that the exhibition is up, and i´m no longer worrying about it. I have been sorting sorting sorting. Photos that have been stuffed into corners of my hardrive, are slowly seeing the light of day.

These are from my trip to the Philippines, a while ago now, still it feels like I was just there. I wouldn’t mind going back, the snorkelling was incredible, and the islands and hidden beaches, jungles and cock fights, cliffs and caves really beyond imagination.

fighting cocks
We spent one or two nights in Manila, which reminded me a bit of Johannesburg, but we did not fare too well there. Being harassed as soon as we left our dodgy hotel everyday and finding it difficult to figure the city out did not really encourage us to explore too much. Plus a scary incident with the police left us fleeing.
el nido beach
Well paradise we did eventually find, after one flight, and one very long bus ride, and boy was it worth it.

We ended up staying in El Nido, in Palawan, for about 2 or 3 weeks. Renting out small cabin right on the beach, a short walk out of town, we had a magnificent view, and if the waves sounded awfully close at night, it was a peaceful way to sleep, and relax.
our front yard

clowning around

The idea of “The beach” with ol’ leo really can be found in the Philippines, I was blown away when the boat we hired sailed through a secret opening in the rocks of one island, down a small channel which can only be traversed at high tide to a small beach, ringed by protective spikey rocks. the water the colour of toothpaste, and clear enough to see the coral and reef fish without actually being underwater.

it was a bit rainy that day, otherwise i may have stayed forever, and the entrance of a small reef shark somewhat put me off ideas of pitching a tent and spearing my dinner….


The town was exceptionally cute, and I can think of no better way to spend the day, dodging coconuts, exploring tidepools, climbing cliffs, buying strange things at the market, eating barbecued fish, reading a book, and just getting reaaly really blissed out on summer.
el nido

besides my cat addiction, i think i may be addicted to islands, it was always a MissYucki plan infact, to own an island getaway – I think our plan also included a heliport and private disco, but that´s another story.
salior cat
We would definitely have some sailor cats on our island, Alba, the philippines may be a spot to start looking…hmmm, only we need a plan for pirates and the possibility of global ice melts. Right i´m off to dream about Palawan, and design our hot tub with surround sound, and our lift that would zoom up and down to the look out tower through a giant aquarium filled with lion fish. oh yes!

village life

(as a side note, I am waiting to see the photos from the exhibition, my friend ester was coerced into taking photos for me, tee hee, she’s brilliant, so i cannot wait to see the results… The show is still up so take your friends, if you are waiting for work (i mean you mr dillypoo) the exhibition runs until the end of Feb, sorry they extended it a bit! You will get it in the end, i swear! now go get all your friends to buy stuff too heheh )


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