El Pozo Magico

el pozo magico, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Working hard on the illustrations for the final book in Meri Ilic´s series for Casa Eslava.

This one is my favourite I think. It´s also the first one that i was able to read in Spanish and understand! yay me! The story had so many wonderful descriptive images it was hard to choose what to draw.

It follows the story of a young iranian girl who suffers an abusive father and suicidal mother. Tough reading, and heavy subject matter. The book deals with verbal abuse, but it ends happily.

el pozo magicoel pozo magico

In other news, the date of my MissYucki exhibition is drawing near…..eeeeeeek! so much to do, and yuck i´ve managed to catch some horrible germ, and can´t really imagine leaving my heater and laptop to doodle..lazy lazy!

too much excitement over New years i guess!


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