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Apartment Love

apartment love, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

apartment love

My computer died back in october, it was very sad. She had been feeling poorly for about a year, but kept pushing on. Finally before I went to South Africa, she sighed her last breath. So while hunting for a new one (although I felt conflicted about replacing my old friend) I was using Milos´s computer at the studio. 2 weeks ago that too died. So what is it? is it me??

At about the same time, we moved apartments, and now live on calle verdi at the heart of gracia, which is nice, but noisy. So things have been a little hectic – I have been busy doing DIY and stressing over the lack of computer to do any work on.

apartment love

apartment loveapartment love

It´s interesting because I actually ended up doing quite a lot of real life painting, getting my fingers dirty, and paint in my hair. Quite satisfying really. I have an exhibition coming up in January, so it´s probably just as well that i had to say goodbye to computers in general.

apartment love

i also learnt how to use a drill, and our apartment now boasts a few more holes, strategic or not, :-)and storage!

apartment love

this is my Doglet. He used to belong to my neighbor att he old place. One day I came home and saw him (with his whole body) outside their door. they were doing some renovations or something. I oohed and aahed. and wished i could take him home.

the next day i found his head in the trash outside. clearly there was foul play involved. True to my strange african roots, i took him home, and enshrined his head in my curiosity cabinet.

Finally this year I have fashioned him a winter bonnet and he now resides on the wall protecting my missyucki prints

apartment love

apartment love

today for christmas, i received a double christmas and birthday present, a new laptop. I´m back online, phewy, just in time to wrap up stuff for new year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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