Ramblas going downhill?

Illustration for the October issue of the Barcelona Metropolitan. I drew the cover and a double page spread inside illustrating an article on the decrepit state of Las Ramblas, one of the most famous streets in Barcelona’s city center.

It was a fun drawing to do. I went down and stalked the ramblas late at night taking notes, and then came back to my studio and sketched up ideas. drawing prostitutes and perverts is not something I do all the time, so it was a little outside my comfort zone, but I had good times with the challenge. man o man.

I struggled a bit with the final colouring. I couldn’t quite choose. you can see the other colour fiddlesticks in my flickr. somehow it turned out such a similar colour to the last cover illo i did for them, hmmm weird.

in the end this drawing broke my computer, and i had to go into the metropolitan offices to draw, but it was fun hanging out there, so it turned out excellent.

I’m pretty pleased with the final result, and some people left some nice comments on the barcelona metropolitans facebook page, so yay me!

see for the article and more info.


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