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Website Rework

My New Website, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

I just redesigned my website, using Indexhibit which makes everything fancy without too much leg work on my side. Also its far easier to maintain! I spent my weekend sewing and painting up a new MissYucki doll, and boy did she turn out cute. It’s a commission for a spanish girl, so i dont want to post any pics until she has received it… but i cant wait to show you. She went for a walk with me in Born (a area in Barcelona) for a mini photoshoot so I can keep images for the MissYucki catalogue.

On the way i found this tag on one wall saying “Miyagis Girl” it was under this big sticker of a girl with pink hair, very similar to MissYucki, I’m not sure if the sticker and the tag were related, but in a funny turn of events, a while back, someone emailed me who had picked up one of the muti monsters, and it was miyagis girl… I didnt realise that they made art, let alone pink haired girls after my own heart! I will have to email them the photo of missyucki next to the miyagis girl tag :D


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