Illustration / MissYucki

Ostrich nests

comb , originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

you know, i read alot of fantasy books, i used to hate them when i was in high school, but recently ive been totally sucked in. i love the descriptions of the different world and creatures and magic. its like dreaming. if the book is totally thrilling i cant put it down at all.

at the moment im reading the new robin hobb books, but i have to say i really was drawn to the world that the late robert jordan explored in his “wheel of time” series.

at first it felt like a bit of a lord of the rings rip off, but it was fast paced (usually :D) and as the characters developed i really felt like i got to know them. i enjoyed all the plots so much that i even googled the forums online to see what other people surmised would happen. tee hee.

anyway, i did find the treatment of women quite funny in his books, but it did fit with the “time period” i suppose. I particularly remember one of the women combing her hair with 100 strokes.

i personally HATE to brush my hair, and usually the only time that it gets brushed or combed is when i condition it after ive washed it. the rest of the time i use my fingers to get major knots out, or just tie it up. consequently i tend to get a nice dread lock at the back of my neck which i have to painstakingly pull out everytime i wash my hair.

sometimes im too lazy, and have been known to leave it in for weeks, while it grows of its own accord.

this is probably quite gross heheh.

anyway, i find the above picture quite amusing because of my fight with hair combing. i definitely have ostriches making nests in my hair on a regular basis.


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