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Firerun run run

Firerun Barcelona, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Correfoc in Barcelona was mental!

Part of the annual Merce Festival, Barcelona’s biggest shindig, the “firerun” was definitely the most crazy fun. Sparks flew as devils holding pitchforks with fireworks attached catherinewheeled off into the night.

people dressed in scarves and hoods, wearing goggles parading, stomped danced and generally tried to get themselves burned, attaching themselves to devils while the fire churned and swirled!

Dragons, dinosaurs, and various monstrosities were pushed down the streets while they spewed flame and damnation on the onlookers! The city smelled of gunpower and fireworks and clouds of smoke obscured the buildings.

Truly alot of fun!

you can see more pictures of the mayhem in my flickr!


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