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Missyucki in the city

missyucki in the city, originally uploaded by MissYucki.

hold on tight to your bones MissYucki! Read my fortune. what does it say? rain in the city, gloomy gloomy day!

I was electrocuted by my light switch the other day. it exploded something in my finger, and i received a nice purple bruise and a numb finger for the rest of the day.

On friday I went to this cute little gallery in El Born. I dont recall the name, or the artist, who’s exhibition opening it was. darn! The gallery was hidden away in an alley as many good things in Barcelona. The doors painted with bambis by Miss Van opened into a cozy studio space with lots of cool treasure for sale. The Artist Alex….something showed lovely (affordable- almost) prints of fat robots and aliens. I liked it alot. Kat and I scoffed on cupcakes and lusted after the leggings and tees in the shop.


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