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The meowling and the bunny

A while back at the KozynDan exhibtion here in barcelona (Garden of Watery delights) you cannot see him, but there was this cool sunburned naked man behind me in the giant print they had up on the wall. so funny! also there were some great seagiraffes! This photo was taken by Kozy, and she asked me to hold their bunnyfish.

look i found a TOTORO in barcelona.

and a lovely miss van. yum yum

standing on the castle wall in montjuic overlooking the harbor.

sparkle ball in a light shop near the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona. i want it!

looking down through the “arrow slits” (what do you call those holes anyway?) to the boats loading containers. You can hear the banging echoing sometimes all the way over montjuic to my apartment!!

we rented a house in Cadaques for milos’ dads 70th birthday. it was fabulous, with four cottages leading onto a courtyard, literally 2 meters from crystal clear waters. and no jellyfish this time, so swimming was chilly but awesome!

the hull of an overturned boat getting bleached by the sun outside Dali’s casa in Portlligat.

this delightfully vocal kitty fluffer woke us in the morning with much meowling. it had a lot to say, and would talk with everyone. it particularly liked to sit under beds for some reason.

Strange hoop sculpture near Port Vell in Barcelona. I cycle under it on the way to the beach.

well thats all for now.
oh oh btw, a few updates on the missyucki website… go check it out. the “tales” section is finally underway, now you can read all the missyucki stories. woohoo. its still in a bit of construction …but hey its cute!


3 thoughts on “The meowling and the bunny

  1. Hi. I saw your photo with “sparkle ball in a light shop near the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona. i want it!”. I was recently in Barcelona and think I saw the same light. Have’nt got it off my mind and have looked all over the internet without result. Can you PLEASE tell me where you saw this light, so I can perhaps contact the shop via e-mail? Best regards, Brynhildur (from Iceland). Email:

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