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Festa Festa

Festa Major in Gracia, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

We went to the Festa Major in Gracia. It was completely packed with people. we had to squeeze around everywhere. The streets were decorated by the residents in a big competition to see who had the best design. Lots of alleys were filled with musicians playing wild music, and dancing fans. The Catalan Joven movement had also taken the time to re spraypaint gracia with their slogans :D

It was a huge mission to move around with the throngs of people, and so in the end we didnt get to see that many decorated streets. I enjoyed the jellyfish in the underwater street on the way to Plaza Ruis y Taulet, but i heard that a street decorated like a haberdashery with HUGE spools of thread won this year. Hopefully I will be able to go back before it closes ont he 21st of August!

In other news, i have been swamped with illustration work for an author here in Barcelona, so I havent had much time to do MissYucki art. Its funny, i thought i would have so much time this year to work on missyucki, but now i have to draw for a living, and my time is spent on other projects. Que rollo! Anyway i will soon be done, so i will make a conserted effort to do the yucki! yay! in the meantime, if you like you can see my illustration work in my flickr, or on my new behance portfolio.


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