Girls in a tub

girls in a tub, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

just finished up the first part of illustrating a book for a woman in Barcelona, who works with immigration issues. Its pretty tough work, but challenging in a good way. i think I’m more nervous about what I’m going to do once i finish this project, as I dont have any illustration jobs lined up… eeek! Im really not one for networking but you so have to put yourself out there, there are soo many fantastic illustrators, how do you even choose which one to illustrate your book? the whole thing makes me weak at the knees sometime! ARGH!

This is just a detail about a woman dreaming about her daughters back home. She imagines them in the tub, being washed by their grandmother, and it makes it difficult for her to sleep as she is missing their childhood, while she works in a foreign country trying to make enough money to provide them with a better life. The full image is in my flickr. Still possibly a work in progress, well see what happens.

If has any advice re illustration agencies or networks, pls let me know, its always good to find new resources. I havent found any illustration agency in South Africa, mmmm I wonder if it would be feasible to start one…ponder ponder…


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