Travels & Adventures


Slavia, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

In Belgrade. Boy was it hot there, plus 35 every day! We went along to Novi Sad and the EXIT festival, MissYucki tagged along too!

Weasley, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

MissYucki found the cutest little dead weasely thing. She wanted to take it home to make potions with, but she wasnt allowed!

It was a bit sad.

Signage in Belgrade

odd numbered flowers

Tara National park

This tara national park, wow, how super fantastic. We saw a fox dash across the road in a flash of burnt orange, that the only time I ever saw a fox, and it was more like seeing a blur, but it counts right?

ginger hearts

Bright Lights

We went to the Exit festival, and I met a surprised banana, and breathed in many many dust particle as we all stomped our feet to the beat late into the night. much fun. yes!

Suprised Banana


So much inspiration and fun, oh yes!

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