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A visit and a dance

Here are the panoramas… more stories later. On Wednesday I leave for Serbia..wwoooo… summer is packed and full of adventures.

At a fort on a hill near Cadaques, Costa Brava.

Ceiling view of one of the rooms in Dalis Surrealist Museum in Figueres

In another Dali room

Fantastic space

Beautiful glass dome

Monjuic and the Barcelona Harbor lit up at sundown

Masts and plane streaks

x marks the spot

The view from the lighthouse, looking towards Cadaques

Looking towards an oncoming storm from France

A rainbow links the islands

The town of Cadaques, Costa Brava

Casa de Mark, overlooking Barcelona rooftops. We were just having a couple of drinks here before we went off to see the Kozyndan exhibition: Garden of Watery Delights, followed by snacking on yummy Mexican food … hmmmm

Saturday Morning at Sonar, listening to minimal techno by Richie Hawtin and crew.

Big Crowd


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