Illustration / MissYucki

Muti Monsters in the Barrio

Becca (mi amiga de Japon y Londres) and I went off into the alleyways of Barri Gotic and El Born to photograph Mr Yucki, my muti monster, for a photography exhibition that will travel all over Spain. The exhibition is quite open to interpretation but has to do with identity and ones culture in a world where globalization and migration have blurred the boundaries of personal identity… a bit of a mouthful, but it does relate to what MissYucki is about and how she represents me and Alba as artists… anyway, the photoshoot was intended to inspire some ideas for how i want to incorporate MissYucki into this show…

so this is a bit of an invasion/migration of yuck to Barcelona…

Yucki invasion in Barri Gotic

Yucki invasion in Barri Gotic

Yucki invasion in Barri Gotic

Yucki invasion in Barri Gotic

more in my flickr, hmm im interested to see where this goes and what it sparks…

probably the most interesting part of the evening was when becca tried to search thru the same pile of trash as a little old gypsy woman… you know she looked really innocent and fragile, but as soon as becca moved on her trash pile she freaked out, and growled at becca and lunged at her, claws flying… i think becca got quite a fright, and indeed, wont be taking on granma gypsy ladies again any time soon, but it really made my evening… i couldnt stop giggling. it was quite a sight to behold!!


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