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on coming home late last night after the dj shadow concert, i noticed an inordinate number of old grannies and grandpas out walking their canine friends.

Now before i continue i must fill you in on a little background… it has been the bane of my Barcelona days so far, having to carefully traverse the pavements hoping to not step in any doggy poop. Obviously people who live in apartments don’t have the luxury of gardens at home, and unfortunately Barcelona is largely on the skint side of having many public parks….or more especially parks solely for the use of our furry friends. But i must say this does not excuse you from NOT picking up your dog presents. surely its part of dog ownership responsibility… not only does it make the streets a hazard, especially when mostly looking up admiring the beautiful architecture, but its smelly and most likely a huge health risk. (this may possibly explain my horrid flu in the first 3 weeks after i arrived here and the miserable feelings I have towards Barcelona.)

anyway, i digress… i feel that after last night i have discovered the perpetrators of this fiendish scheme…to re-decorate the walkways in stinky smelly deposits… it’s the sweet little old ladies and gentlemen(of the night) that do a quick duck and dive while walking their beasties. i cant quite see any otherwise reason for walking your dog at 1 am when you are pushing 80….

i mean picture the scene…

its dark, the graffitied streets are empty… a chill wind blows down the alley…. over there, in the corner, near the closed farmacia, did you see it? it was quick and shifty! a bent over shape, it seemed, attached to a smaller furry bundle by a lead…. oh its gone now…. but what is that it left behind?! why its a smelly steaming poopsicle…. “oh but no-one saw, and my bac…kk, arghhhh i just cant bend over and scoop like i used to.”

Will SOMEONE please invent a super poop handheld vacuum thingamabob, before i step in one poop to many and go on a raging granny rampage!!!!!

Sticker on some doorway

in other news, I have moved into my apartment, and it’s lovely, thank you.


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