Illustration / MissYucki

Love Child

This is indeed our lovechild.
Alba and i were invited to participate as MissYucki in an exhibition in Maputo… All the works were to be sculptural or 3D. Unfortunately neither of us could make it to the two week workshop in Mozambique, but we made a giant plush doll and two creepy tokoloshe monsters for the show…

this work melted both of our brains. Alba created the first part, sewing with our ingenious seamstress Loren, and getting the general shape and idea… i came along and painted them.

It was quite a project as we haven’t worked so large before. she stands at about a meter, plus or minus, and has a huge helmet of hair, distinguishing her from our usual sewn in hair. originally the idea was to do a super beautiful pink drape of hair, but with our limited time…it was far too much of a job…so helmet hair it was.

I think its an interesting concept, im not so sure if its our best work…but it was a learning experience, and lots of interesting ideas have been sparked off in our heads because of it… so who knows where this might go…

Love Child

Love Child

Love Child

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