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Lions, Tigers, and Giant MissYuckis

ok so you dont really find tigers in South Africa…well not in the wild…perhaps jakob zuma has one as a pet, i dont know :)
but i digress… the past little while was spent in the KNP otherwise known as the Kruger National Park. It’s South Africa’s biggest wildlife preserve, and i do enjoy visiting and spotting animals amongst the scrub and veld…its ever so exciting.

This time Milos and i decided to travel further north in the park, as I’d never visited there before, and had visions of cheetahs reclining under thorn trees and who know whatever other fanciful fantasies. We packed our bags and car full of snackaroos and zoomed off into the sunset.

The park is beautiful as always and we did see a fair number of animals, although much to our disappointment we discovered that the northern part of the park supports far fewer animals than the southern..bummer… this means that you can drive for hours almost until your eyes fall out of your head, trying to spot animals, and just spotting logs shaped like animals or trees that look surprisingly like elephants, lions, hyenas and all sorts of other creatures.

We did however have a wonderful time with some Giraffe, and a hyena almost ran into my car!!!!! they are the coolest animals, so creepy looking …. i wish i could see, like thirty of them stalk
a buffalo or something…*sigh*

We also had a fabulous time one late after noon…. the sunlight was slanting down, as it does at that time of day and highlighting all the grassy tufts and turning everything a wonderful golden colour… we drove sedately down the road and suddenly we were surrounded by a cloud of birds. Birds of every imaginable type and colour from Lilac Breasted Rollers and their rainbow blue wings to Carmine Bee-eaters, Falcons, Swallows, Mynas, Shrikes, and a couple of Bataleur eagles. Really. They were all feasting on flying ants which had (unfortunately for them) chosen that moment to emerge from the ground… we sat for a long time admiring them swoop and turn…

KNP 2008

KNP 2008

KNP 2008

KNP 2008

KNP 2008

KNP 2008

….there are more on my flickr page

you know i mentioned giant missyuckis in my title, and then it completely slipped my mind…
i have been busy painting a giant missyucki for an art exhibition in maputo …. her head is super big…. and she has a helmet of hair (tee hee)…anyway its raining horribly today, so i cant take any pictures of her… but after this weekend i shall drag her into town and do some sure it will be quite fun…. people are going to find it very strange indeed!

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