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Grit and Grime

2007 sped past didn’t it, my brain is confused by this, year in, year out…. the last little while has been an extended holiday for me… wandering around South Africa, appreciating big skies and hot (humidless) days… so keeping track of the time has been a little difficult.

We went to a party upon a hilltop overlooking Johannesburg, and watched the fireworks over the city… it was quite a wonderful sight, all the sparklers going off.

The drive back home was a little scary, i find that any “backwards culture shock” i have experienced coming home from Japan, is mostly influenced by my knowledge of violent crime in this city. On New Years you have to be on Super Paranoia High Alert 9000. People go mental. Throwing things off balconies and generally misbehaving… i shall not go into gorier detail, but what can you expect from a city that has cash in transit vehicle heists every day or maniacs shooting at helicopters (ok this is not so frequent)and goodness knows what else. We drove around a corner to confront the somewhat strange sight of various parts of a mangled car across the road… perhaps not your average drunk driving…my paranoia jump-started itself leading my mind off in tangents about how it might be some kind of NYrs road block to high-jacking hell. Needless to say we high tailed it outta there with much adrenalin shooting through our veins.

You know nothing bad has even happened to me here in Jo’burg, but you just hear stories all the time, and its on everyones brains and tongues, i really cant help but freak out… it bugs me, because i never really got nervous before, but experiencing the safety of other countries has warped my fragile little mind!(and that is strange in itself!)

im kinda counting the days until i leave for Barcelona for this reason alone. weird.

But… other than my silly case of nerves, im loving being back. the weather is kickass, and the African afternoon light is something everyone should experience. I want to go on a photographic day out to get some digital memories saved up for when im in europe….perhaps they will inspire some more drawings.

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