Thoughts on Lightning and Goldfish

I´m sitting in tokyo, in setagaya, its raining outside my window. i think there’s a typhoon. its all thunder and lightningy. reminds me of Joburg. staying in tokyo is wonderful. but probably mostly because I’m on holiday! It’s been scorching lately. Yesterday, while wandering around the neighbourhood, milos and i came across a small matsuri, with goldfish scooping and everything. i swear that is the best matsuri game… i love scooping the goldfish. it brings back memories of catching tadpoles when i was little. and is also probably the only way i have ever actually caught a fish. but i cant scoop them now, because im only in japan for two more weeks. I had to give my fish tank to one of the english teachers i taught with. He feeds his fish noodles, so i hope they survive… perhaps they will turn into godzilla fish.
our apartment looked so cool and empty when we left. i feel like i did a good job cleaning hahah. moving was insane, we ended up sending 42 boxes to spain. I really have to try to stop being a hoarder… arrggggh.

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