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Goodbye japan, hello new world

Been trying to pack up my life of two years.. losing my mind…
We have had to do so much paperwork and visa stuff and this and that. Also had to change all my fusuma and shoji. in english: the paper on all my japanese doors and windows. Yay… got out my scalpels and have been slicing and sticking and generally filling up my apartment with paper scraps. what with all the paper work and shoji entrails, i am feeling as if i have transformed into a hamster, and im slowly stuffing all my room with paper nests. next week i plan on making tunnels, and installing an exercise wheel!

also been spending HOURS figuring out php, css, html, javascript for my website. anyway its slowly stealing my soul. So i shall be a half brained hamster running through madness and the matrix!


brain leak.

by the way … how do you know if you are a pirate?

you just Arrrrrrrrr!

and on that note… goodbye